” Our bee population’s survival is dependent on mankind.

Mankind’s survival is dependent on Bees.

Treat Bees the same way you wish to be treated ”



Coromandel Pure Honey is a small boutique family owned business established in 2015. We are passionate about the environment and welfare of Bees.
In one of the most pristine locations on Earth, the Coromandel Region of New Zealand, our hives are nestled amongst rich sources of native and exotic plants to fuel the bees honey production. Our bees produce outstanding Manuka and multiflora honey.  We have chosen and planted an abundance of native and exotic floras for our bees which gives our Manuka Honey a unique taste compared to other Manuka and multiflora blends.


This full two hour tour is based in Pauanui. It includes Manuka Honey tasting and morning or afternoon tea/coffee accompanied by light snacks and fruit platters.

TOURS start FROM 5th JAN 2021  

10-12 noon &  2pm – 4pm

Adults $110

Children $75 Aged 6-15. 

Tours are subject to availability.

bookings essential and are dependent on weather.  

We’re sorry this tour is not suitable for children under 6.

Tours are based in Pauanui, persons attending the tour are to meet 15 mins prior to tour at the pauanui info centre carpark where they will be met by one of our friendly staff. 

Enclosed footwear is required.

Enjoy a guided tour through the beautiful gardens and native bush tracks with our experienced beekeepers to visit the Bee Colonies. You will open the hives and witness the inner workings of our active Beehives and see just how these amazing insects make the famous Manuka honey.